About this site

The unique struggles of being Filipino, being a foreigner living in the Philippines with diabetes or being around Filipinos that have diabetes is the whole focus of this website.

Attention will be paid to certain cultural and location based problems and difficulties associated with living with diabetes within that framework.

Much of the information provided here will reflect current thinking and research into diabetes. While the information may be available elsewhere in other forms, this website will take a structured problem solving “SPS” approach  with an emphasis on living healthy while presenting easy to follow guidelines and possible solutions for problems while living with diabetes in the Philippines.

Information provided here may be general in nature and useful to anyone, or in many cases tailored to suit the needs of those living with Diabetes in the Philippines  or those with family or friends that need help and motivation while living with diabetes.

I am not a doctor, and any advice or information provided by this website is to be used in partnership with your doctors or other competent, qualified medical providers.