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Joe and Maria

Joe and Maria

My name is Joseph, but to many folks I am “Tito Joe”.

I have lived in the Philippines in the past and have also been visiting the Philippines for more than 30 years.  I have a lot of friends and family that still live there, as well as friends and family that are Filipino that live in the states.

I am a former active duty Marine and also have served on active duty in the Army National Guard as a Medical Evacuation crew-chief. I have one of those last century things called a full time job now, but my near term goals are to work with others to make the world a little bit better while earning just enough to become location independent  and move back to my adopted home in the Philippines fulltime. I have a lot of stories to tell that could possibly fill another blog, but that might not be useful to the world right now and we have enough mindless drivel on the internet as it is anyway.

What has been become quite evident to me over the years is that diabetes in the Philippines is on the rise. It is also on the rise in the USA as well as the rest of the world.

I do not yet have diabetes, however my family history is such that I may someday, if I don’t take care of myself and follow proper habits and medical advice.

My Grandfather and my Mother both have had Type 2 Diabetes. I have cared for them both, became interested in helping them, and learning about proper diet, exercise and tracking of this condition even as a very young man.

My long time girl friend Maria (We have been together and have traveled the world since 1997) has a young adult son and an older brother with diabetes and her mother who passed on many years ago had Diabetes as well.

I have watched them all struggle with treatment and control of their diabetes. Marias adult son now  lives full time in the Philippines and her brother travels back and forth between the USA and his homeland.

I am not a doctor, and ANY advice or information provided by this website is to be used in partnership with your doctors or other competent,  qualified medical providers.