Diabetes Complications

Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes Complications are… A complicated and broad topic. High or elevated blood sugar contributes to a long list of chronic illnesses and conditions. High or elevated blood sugar damages blood vessels, internal organs, nerves and other body systems. Researching this article produced literally hundreds of possible complications for folks with uncontrolled diabetes.

The problem of diabetes in the Philippines

The Philippines

After understanding what diabetes is, it is useful for us to understand how large of a problem Diabetes  is in the Philippines and who is affected. Worldwide there are more than 371 Million people with confirmed Diabetes. In the Philippines the number of reported cases is: 4,321,459 (4.3 Million)  out of a measured adult population […]

How do you know if you have diabetes?


  How do you know if you have diabetes? Good question.  How diabetes is diagnosed is up to your doctor, but in general it can only be confirmed by blood tests.  More information about the different tests and diagnostic criteria will be covered in later updates,  let’s take a look at the symptoms of diabetes. […]

What is diabetes?

What is Diabetes

What is diabetes?  A basic understanding of what IS diabetes is needed, so that you can effectively ensure reduced complications and effects of this disease. This post will be a bit longer than is normal for most articles, and can and should be referred to from time to time when a simple laypersons definition of […]