Diabetes Complications

Complications of Diabetes

Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes Complications are…

A complicated and broad topic.

High or elevated blood sugar contributes to a long list of chronic illnesses and conditions. High or elevated blood sugar damages blood vessels, internal organs, nerves and other body systems.

Researching this article produced literally hundreds of possible complications for folks with uncontrolled diabetes.

Your not one of those folks.  In fact, you are one of the folks that will do what has to be done to get your diabetes under control.  Knowing the complications won’t help you to actually do anything, but it just may motivate you to stay healthy and follow the advice of your doctors.

The complications related to diabetes are far less common or less severe for someone that has well controlled diabetes.

The most common complications are in no particular order are:

  • Cardio Vascular disease
  • Eye problems
  • Nerve damage
  • Itchy feet
  • Kidney disease

The wide range of complications that can be traced to uncontrolled blood sugar is what makes it so frightening to many folks that are diagnosed with diabetes.

While having diabetes increases your RISK for complications, it is not automatic that you will suffer from the complications. There is very good news for you, if you follow the doctors orders. By  making simple and very important lifestyle changes  you can delay and in many cases prevent complications and lead a very long and healthy life.

What you need to do today is stay motivated and follow the doctors orders for your medications if any, and most important follow proper eating habits and exercise.   We will cover many of these core self care items as this website builds on the topic of diabetes.  Stay tuned and most of all…be well my friends



  1. Joy Lara says

    Hi I’m happy you have this website. I would like to support my mom in managing her diabetes well so I want to learn more about the condition, and current best practice for managing it. I’m particularly interested in support groups, or dietitians & fitness teachers who can provide guidance in changing bad eating habits & improving sedentary lifestyles. I want to start a support group in my neighborhood, or in UST graduate school system, where my mom works. It would be great to have a group of people who have diabetes & are helping each other learn ways to manage their conditions, and prevent many of the consequences. Thank you so much for this website, which is a good resource for me.

  2. Joy Lara says

    I just clicked on your “about us” tab & read your story. Maraming Salamat Tito Joe for doing this — for your wanting to help people in the Philippines (your adopted country, my home that raised & defined me to be the person I am today wherever in the world I am). Diabetes is indeed an growing problem worldwide. Diabetics in the Philippines I think have an added difficulty because most families do not know current best practice in managing it via lifestyle changes. Depending only on medication is the only “treatment” they can think of, and it is a shame because eventually your body can only take so much medication. But I believe lifestyle change, even small ones, can make a difference. I would really love to see how it can start for my mom, whose vision is already deteriorating, apart from all other symptoms she suffers. I think your blog is an important resource for family members to consult so that they can identify ways they can help a diabetic family member adopt better eating & exercise habits. My dad thinks I’m wasting my time (he says she’s too set in her ways). Even so, I have to try… Again, many thanks to you for your dedication and the work you do to educate & support diabetes sufferers in the Philippines, and their families who love them and worry about them. :)

    • Tito Joe says

      Sorry I took so like my to add this post. I have been distracted lately. The website is long overdue from r some new posts.

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